To New Beginings


During my hiatus I can honestly say that I did miss sharing my thoughts on my little piece of the internet. That being said, it didn’t translate into me actually sitting down and typing out a new blog post until 2105 is ending. It’s a sad and over used excuse, but the days and months of 2015 have just seemed to fly by with little to no down time.

After much debate on whether or not I should remove my little corner of the interweb, I’ve decided to give it another go. As my life has drastically changed since I moved to the beautiful city of Calgary I think it’s only fair that my blog transitions with me.

I will still do hair and make-up tutorials and reviews, but I would also like to share my life adventure (looking for my first home, roommate woes, baking recipes, dating stories, how I handle my anxiety and new dairy allergy.). In addition, since I’ve had the unbelievable pleasure of being able to ride horses again after a 5 year break, I want to start posting a few horse related post. These posts may simple be a hey look how freakin adorable my horse Bob is! That’s right, I named my horse Bob. If you follow my Instagram account, you will know that I’m obsessed with him. Now they all wont simply be look at how cute he is, I want to share our first show jumping competition and how much of a nervous wreck I am (it’s been 10 plus years since I last competed so nerves are only to be expected, right?). I have experience grooming I have a few good tips to share for those are also equine enthusiasts.

My vision does sound like a mash up of a variety of different blogs (beauty, life, equine, etc), but I want my place on the internet to mirror my life. A twenty something girl who loves horses, lives in the urban jungle of Calgary while dealing with lifes joys and dismays.

I hope you will join me on this new adventure.



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