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Pinterest Attempt: Braided Tuck & Cover

Pinterest has a way of sucking me in for hours at a time. There are just so many gorgeous photos and tutorials to look at!Β  While browsing one evening I came across the below hair tutorial on how to create a french braided tuck and cover. The tutorial looked fairly simple to recreate and the end result, as you can see, is a really pretty updo so of course I had to try my hand at recreating this look.


I assumed that this updo would be pretty straight forward, and boy was I wrong. It took me a good 10 minutes and a few failed attempts just to figure out how to put the headband on! The key is to only have one small section of hair above the hairband in order to french braid over the band. Once I figured that first step out by clipping up a section before putting the hairband on, the rest of the steps were fairly simple – tuck section after section until all the hair is looped through the hair band.

A-Sprinkle-Of-Love-Pinterest-Attempt2-Tuck-And-Cover A-Sprinkle-Of-Love-Pinterest-Attempt2-Tuck-And-Cover A-Sprinkle-Of-Love-Pinterest-Attempt2-Tuck-And-CoverA-Sprinkle-Of-Love-Pinterest-Attempt2-Tuck-And-Cover

I did find that my tucked hair slipped out fairly easily so I will be sure to curl my hair prior to recreating this style and use more hair product. Overall I’m happy with the end result and would love to see your attempts at this hair style!



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