Exciting Times Ahead


The past few months have been stressful, draining and a whirlwind experience to say the least. Since moving out and into a new city I’ve been tossed into “the real world” and have been franticly trying to figure out how to live life as grown up and it has sadly made me re-priorities my daily routine which unfortunately did not include blogging. I have sorely missing sharing my thoughts on beauty products, make-up looks, and random thoughts and interests with you. With this said, I’m extremely excited to be sitting at my computer and writing once again!

All my hard work and navigating my new “grown up” world has lead me to an extremely exciting and big change in my daily life. After 6 amazing years of working for the same company, I’ve made the tough decision to depart and take part in a new and exciting job opportunity. I might be shoving my foot in my mouth a little here, but I really think that this new position will allow me start writing again, and I’m over the moon about that prospect because I really do enjoy my little space on the internet.

So here’s to a new adventure that begins in two weeks!

Image Credit: Emily Ley


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