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Review: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume


My go to scent Lovestruck by Vera Wang has been almost empty for a few months now, making it crunch time for me to find a new scent. I really enjoy the smell of Lovestuck, but I’ve been itching to find a new scent that is more me, and possibly a signature scent. Is that even possible, are there people out there who are able to find the holy grail of perfume scents that become their trade mark? It would be a dream come true in my mind as I hate smelling and testing perfumes – it hurts my nose after awhile. I just want to find the one that I can repurchase over and over again and never get tired of!

With that being said I’m excited to say that my new perfume, Elizabeth and James – Nirvana Black has me deeply considering using it as a long term scent which has me jumping up and down at the prospect.

The brand Elizabeth and James is part of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen empire and they have created two perfumes, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White.

Perfume Notes:

Nirvana Black Violet, sensual sandalwood and rich vanilla. Masculine and feminine balance.

Nirvana White Peony, chic muguet and tender musk. Feminine

I have fallen in love with Nirvana Black as I’m drawn to more musky scents but both scents are lovely and surprise surprise, they smell amazing when paired together. Coincidence? I highly doubt these two power houses didn’t intent that from the start.


I purchased both scents but got Nirvana Black in the large bottle while I opted to get Nirvana White in the small bottle as I only plan on pairing it with Nirvana Black during the summer months. Nirvana White adds a little sweetness to Nirvana Black which I think is prefect for those summer days I’m craving a softer scent.

This perfume line is available exclusively at Sephora and if you happen to make a stop into there I highly recommend checking out both of these perfumes!



6 thoughts on “Review: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume

  1. I just picked both of them up in roller ball form and I am in love with how they smell together. My only complain is that I wish they last a little bit longer. Great review!

    1. They smell so good together and separately! They did an amazing job with their perfumes.
      Really? I haven’t had an issue with their staying power. I do apply a little more though if I’m heading out after work just for a little “freshness” so maybe that’s why. 🙂

      1. Maybe it’s just how they wear on my own body? I have had a few other high end perfumes that don’t have good lasting power either. I’ll just have to make use of how travel friendly the roller balls are and carry them around for a second application of these amazing scents.

      2. That’s true, everything works slightly different on people. I’ve smelt perfume the same perfume on different people before and it smells completely different! Do you prefer one scent over the other?

      3. Yes I do! I gravitate towards the Nirvana white because of the hint of floral notes, but I love how both of the perfumes smell together.

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