Rain Attire

It’s been raining a lot here in Calgary, and I mean a lot! Almost every day for the past two – three weeks has included rain, making it imperative to own rain gear! Before I moved I tossed out my pair of old rain boots (they were old and had holes in them – not something you want in a rain boot) as well as a rain coat because I never used it due to the fact that it hardly ever rained. Unfortunately for me, I forgot that it rains for the majority of June here in Calgary.

After several attempts of walking outside without rain gear (boots or coat) and getting my feet soaked, I am finally caving and on the hunt for some gear that will keep me dry in the city as well as out in the country. Thankfully I did decide to keep my umbrella so I have had some minor rain protection!

Below is my rain attire inspiration for when I go out hunting for some gear!


Yellow Rain Coat – ModCloth / Umbrella – Kate Spade / Hunter Rain Boots – Red & Turquoises / Purple Rain Coat – Columbia

What’s your favourite rain piece of rain gear?



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