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Pinterest Attempt – Ponytail Hair Curling Tutorial

I’m a huge Pinterest fan! I love browsing all the photos and have found many fashion and beauty inspirations, cooking recipes, and tips and tricks. However, not all of the tips, tricks and recipes turn out as well as the glamorous photos shown on Pinterest. Because of this I thought it would be fun to add a Pinterest Attempt feature to my blog where I try out different Pinterest finds and let you know how they turn out.

My first attempt is the below pin. According to this diagram if you put your hair in a high ponytail and curl about 4 sections, you will have the most perfect curls in no time at all! Since my hair is rather long it does take me a fair amount of time to curl my hair. If this does work, I’m sure to use this technique on a daily basis!


My Attempt:

To be perfectly honest with you I was extremely sceptical about this tutorial. During the entire process I was worried that the elastic would “dent” my hair and the idea of only curling only 4 sections just didn’t seem right.

In the end I did end up curling only 4 sections and found that this tutorial worked somewhat. I say somewhat because even though it did provide my hair with nice loose curls at the start of the day, they didn’t hold well and fell out  by the evening.

I will certainly use this method to curl my hair in a pinch, but I don’t think this will become my new curling routine.

ASprinkleOfLovePinterestAttempt1 ASprinkleOfLovePinterestAttempt1 ASprinkleOfLovePinterestAttempt1ASprinkleOfLovePinterestAttempt1



7 thoughts on “Pinterest Attempt – Ponytail Hair Curling Tutorial

  1. I have never thought of doing this! My hair pretty much falls out after a few hours no matter how long I stand & curl it for, but this might just make things a lot quicker. Thanks for sharing this! You may have just saved me A LOT of time!!!
    Rebecca xxx

    1. It certainly does save a ton of time! It just doesn’t hold the curls for as long as I would like but otherwise it’s a huge time saver!

  2. I’d love this to be a regular on your blog! I love Pinterest too 🙂 it looks really nice, but I know it’d never work for me as my hair is wayyy too thick!xo

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