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DIY Jewellery Hanger

For the past three weeks my jewellery has been sitting in boxes, getting way to tangled as I mash around to find things. It was very unpleasant and incredibly disorganized, especially since I’m a clean/organized freak. I have a hard time functioning when things are in disarray. I’m not kidding, I become unmotivated when things are a mess and actually find joy in organizing and cleaning. Mother you may go ahead and congratulate yourself on creating one clean freak child.

But back to the subject at hand. I toyed around with a variety of different options but nothing seemed right. They would either take up too much space, didn’t have enough hanging space, wouldn’t prevent my necklaces from becoming a tangled mess or was too short for my beloved long chained necklaces. After searching stores and browsing DIY projects on Pinterest I decided to make something that would work for me.

I picked up three Malma mirrors from Ikea and measured and marked out where I wanted the hooks to be. My sister was kind enough to help me drill holes into the frame. This makes it much easier to screw in the gold hooks. Since Ikea didn’t have any black mirrors left I had to spray paint the blue ones I had purchased a glossy black. Once it dried I screwed the hooks in and mounted the mirrors!

I currently have two of the mirrors in my bedroom which display all of my necklaces and then another one in my bathroom which holds my favourite necklaces and a couple bracelets. I’m so pleased with how these turned out, they add a little decor to my walls while still being functional!





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