Things I Love

Friday Round Up

I’m finally starting to feel settled into my new home which has given me the ability to be more productive and get back into a solid routine. With summer slowly making it’s appearance I’m anticipating new adventures with my friends and can’t wait to be able to explore my new city freely without worrying about it being too cold. Now I just have to find a gym or yoga studio so that I can get back into shape!


Reading Links:

❤ Excellent read on social media etiquette by Lauren Conrad herself.

❤ Can you image a bunch of flower petals erupting volcano? It would be beautiful right? Well check out this link where an advertising agency was asked to create just this for Sony’s new ad campaign.

❤ Being a makeup lover it irks me when people assume I use it because I have insecurities as this is far from the truth. To me, makeup is a creative outlet, just as it is for many others. I love being able to transform my features as well as other peoples and playing around with a variety of colour combinations. I think that’s why I love this ad campaign by Dermablend Professionals so much. You can view their ad by clicking here, it highlights the brand’s corrective cosmetics for people with severe skin conditions.

❤ This is another excellent post from the Lauren Conrad blog on how to ask for what you want.

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend and are gearing up for what I’m sure is going to be a fantastic weekend!



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