Things I Love

Friday Round Up

A Sprinkle Of Love - Friday Quote

Hurray! It’s finally Friday, last day of February, and also happens to be my last day at work before I move offices! I feel like this Friday is going to be one to remember.

Great Reads:

♥ This little girl is a growing fashionista! Her paper made outfits of couture gowns are amazing! Click here to view her strutting her stuff in her home made dresses.

♥ These Pepper Jack Bites look amazing! I will definitely be making a batch of these as soon as I get myself settled into my new apartment!

♥ Budgeting, we all have to do it and it’s most often not fun. Lauren Conrad has put together a great guide on how to manage your money.

I will be crashing at a friends place for the next two week until I get possession of my new apartment. During this time my posts are is most likely going to be a lacking as I’m not sure what my internet connection will be like during this time. I have however been feeling extremely inspired recently and do have a few new blog post ideas that I plan on working while I wait until I get into my apartment and get the internet up!



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