Motivational Monday: Leaving

Yesterday I shared a link to 19 Profound John Green Quotes on Twitter. I have heard of author John Green before but have yet to read any of his books, though I do want to read The Fault In Our Stars before seeing the film adaptation this year.

Since reading these incredible quotes I haven’t been able to forget them and therefore want to share my favourite quote with you. This quote really hits home for me at the moment as I am having some emotional struggle with moving cities at the end of the week. I know that once I get settled everything will be okay. But the whole process of packing up and moving away from my family makes me slightly anxious because I’ve never been the best at handling big changes. With that said over the years I have been learning how to overcome my anxious mind and I’m excited to see what new things I learn about myself as I partake in my new life adventure.

You can view all 19 quotes by John Green by clicking here.

A Sprinkle Of Love - Paper Towns QuoteSignature


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Leaving

  1. I know this exact feeling! Before leaving for Ottawa I had built up so much stress and anxiety, even had nightmares that felt so darn real about how I was making the wrong decision. And then the day came, I got on the plane and it was shockingly easy. (just not the missing you part, that never goes away!)

    1. It’s such an odd combination of emotions! I also have lost several nights of sleep over the whole move but thankfully those insecurities are gone now, however it’s been replaced by me freaking out over the fact that I will be couch surfing for two weeks until I get possession of my apartment. Thanks for the support! xo

  2. I’ve also been meaning to read John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars before seeing the film. I loved the quote I needed to read that. I am debating if I want to move in order to pursue graduate school or not. Wishing you the best on your move. I’m sure once you are settled you will enjoy this change. Good Luck!

    1. The movie previews for The Fault In Our Stars look really good! I can’t wait to read the book. Deciding to move or not is such a big decision, it took me a year to finally make the decision to move and to put it into action. I don’t know all the circumstances regarding your potential move, but if it’s for school and to purse your dream I vote that you take the leap and move! It will most likely be a little scary at first but I’m positive that it will turn into a great adventure! I wish you all the best whether you decide to move or not.

      Thanks! I’m sure that once I settle into my new place that everything will be fine. I’m mostly now just dreading the whole move aspect. haha I’ve such a huge organize freak that having stuff in boxes and not in a proper spot is going to drive me nuts, especially for the two weeks where I will be living out of a suitcase until my place is ready. πŸ™‚

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