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Friday Round Up

A Sprinkle Of Love - Happy Valentine's Day

Whoa, what a week this has been! I finally got my vehicle back after it was hit while parked in the parking lot at my work right before Christmas and I found an apartment in the city that I will soon be moving to! Now that I’ve secured a place to live I’m feeling more relaxed and extremely excited about my new adventure to a new city. I can’t wait to move next month!


♥ 15 Minute Flat Belly Workout. I love switching up my regular routine and this looks like a great mini workout session!

♥ Warm Brussels Sprout Salad. I use to hate brussel sprouts when I was younger but I’ve come to love them as I’ve gotten older. This salad looks so delicious and I can’t wait to try making it!

♥ Kate Spade Inspired Dinner Party. Being a huge fan of Kate Spade I wish I could attend or better yet host a party as chic as this!

Red Pandas are one of my all time favourite animals and this week one of my friends shared this cute video with me and I now have to share it with you because it’s too darn cute!

Now that your smiling lets take a few minutes to fawn over how adorable these animals are because we all can use an extra douse of cuteness in our lives!!

A Sprinkle Of Love - Animal LoveA Sprinkle Of Love - Animal Love01A Sprinkle Of Love - Animal Love02Signature


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