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Influenster Voxbox – L’Oreal Paris Mystery Hair Product

A Sprinkle Of Love - Influenster LOreal HairFirstly, for those of you who don’t know what Influenster is let me give you a quick break down. It’s a site, or more accurately a community where people come to share their opinions on products and experiences. Once you’ve set up an account and acquire a certain number of Influenster points by sharing your opinions and taking some surveys, you have the chance of being picked for different Influenster Voxboxes where you get the opportunity to test out products and share your opinions.

I received my first Influenster Voxbox last Friday and have finally had a chance to test out the mystery L’Oreal Paris shampoo, conditioner and split end serum. This is a two part Voxbox where a select few canditates have been sent a mystery hair line from L’Oreal Paris and will shortly receive another Voxbox that contains the product reveal.

After testing this I wish I knew what line from L’Oreal Paris this was from because after it’s first use I’m in love. You’re able to get a really good lather from the shampoo without much product. I have this strange notion that if you don’t get a good lather from your shampoo that it’s not cleaning your scalp. Each product has the same great smell which I really enjoy because sometimes hair lines have slightly different smells, and when combined together they don’t produce the greatest smell. These however smell amazing, like really good! My hair is soft to the touch and has produced a little more volume than it typically does. The conditioner worked well to detangle my long hair and seems to have provided some much needed nutriants back to the ends. As for the split end serum I think it’s too early to tell if this actually works or has any effect on my split ends.

The only thing I think is a tad strange about this hair line is the colour of the products, medicine yellow. It’s not overly appealing but it’s something I can definitely look past.

I’m excited to use these products to find out if they continue to impress me and I can’t wait for the reveal!



2 thoughts on “Influenster Voxbox – L’Oreal Paris Mystery Hair Product

  1. I have signed up for Influenster recently so I am hoping I get picked for a box in the near future. Can’t wait to find out what the actual product reveal will be. These sound like really good products.

    1. Me too! I hope that I receive the reveal box soon, the suspense is killing me! I hope they send you a voxbox soon! It took awhile before I got picked for one but I’m happy that I stuck it out and waited.

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