Making The Most Of Winter

I’ve been thinking about winter a lot lately, mainly because there have been so many people around me who have been constantly complaining about the chilly weather conditions and general hatred of snow. For those that don’t know I’m Canadian which means that I get the pleasure or enjoying 6 long months of chilly old man winter, and yes there are days where I just want to stay curled up in my warm cozy bed instead of venturing outside in -30 degree temperatures. But for the most part IΒ trulyΒ do enjoy winter and everything it brings.Β 

A Sprinkle Of Love - Skating

I love watching the snow fall and seeing icicles shine in the morning light – It’s a beautiful sight. I also love taking part in different winter activities and I’m so happy that I live only a few short hours away from the rocky mountains.

A Sprinkle Of Love - Snowboarding

Some of my favourite winter activities are skating, tobogganing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, going on dog sled rides, and walking through different winter events like ice sculpture competitions with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

A Sprinkle Of Love - Snowshoeing

Winter truly can be a beautiful and magical place if you let it be.

A Sprinkle Of Love - Dog Sledding



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