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A New Year & New Goals

A Sprinkle Of Love - New Year

I’m amazed at how quickly 2013 came and went, and boy was it a fantastic year! I got out of my comfort zone multiple times, went traveling, made wonderful new friends, became a more loving, healthier and caring individual, and created this space to share my thoughts!Β 

Last January I wrote my very first blog post and funny enough it happened to be about my New Years Resolutions! You can read my 2013 hereΒ and listed below are my new 2014 resolutions.Β 

1. Take risks and toss myself into unknown situations more often. I saw more often because realistically at the beginning of this new adventure I’m not going to want to do this all the time, but I’m positive that the more comfortable and confident I become in doing so I will willingly take more and more chances. I also strongly believe that you learn so much about yourself when you are faced with new challenges and you can truly surprise yourself.

2. Continue with my Radical Self Love Journey. This is something that I began last year and It has really helped inspire me to be the best possible version of myself while becoming confident in my own skin (something that I have struggled with for an incredibly long time). If you want to love yourself a little more I highly recommend checking out the link above and reading some of the great articles by Gala Darling – she truly is inspiring!

3. Get fitter. For the past three months I have been attending yoga classes on a regular basis and have fallen head over heels with it. My body is getting stronger and as cheesy as it sounds yoga has helped me become a happier person with myself and to the world. I plan on continuing with my yoga practice but am also going to start running again, something I love to do more in the summer months because I dislike running indoors. This year I also want to make a solid effort to get my abs back! I do however foresee this being a pain and a huge mental struggle for myself as I loath all ab work outs. With all this said I’m considering adding a weekly or monthly work out report or some type of workout post to my blog. I would love to know your thoughts on this addition so please let me know by leaving a comment!

4. Move to a new city. This is a goal that I have been working towards for awhile now but I am now going to make it my mission this year to move! Fingers crossed that I can make this happen within the next few months!

Do you make New Years goals? If so what goals have you added to your list this year?



2 thoughts on “A New Year & New Goals

  1. I like using an ab ball for my ab workouts but, I find that just doing basic arm, leg, and back weight exercises helps strengthen abs too. Have you tried Pilates? It might hit more of the muscles you are looking to strengthen.

    1. Every time I try and use an ab ball I end up goofing off instead of working out. I prefer to doing a rotation of floor ab workout such as cross crunches, twists with a medicine ball, scissorcross, cross body mountain climber, and so on. Once I do them I’m so happy but I really have to mentally push myself because it burns! haha I have tried a few pilates videos and wasn’t able to get into it, but I’ve never gone to a class before so I might have to try that.

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