Friday Favourites

Today is off to an amazing start! First off it’s Friday (happy dance!) and secondly my day kicked off with an amazing yoga class and after work today I get to participate in a local yoga event at an art gallery! I’m so excited to attend this event tonight and can’t wait to practice and mix and mingle with a bunch of other yoga enthusiasts! But enough of my little Friday ramble, below are a few of my favourite finds this week.

Favourite Black Friday Deal: Bauble Bar has some beautiful jewelry and they are having a fantastic sale on at the moment for Black Friday! I love a good deal and I had my eye on a few pieces from the Miss Glamorazzi collection so I of course had to buy them. I will be tweeting pictures and instagraming pictures as soon as I get them!

Favourite Movie: Catching Fire is the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy and I was so impressed with it when I saw it on Saturday! They followed very closely to the book which makes so incredibly happy as they books are phenomenal! I am very tempted to go back and watch it again.

A Sprinkle Of Love  Favourite Recipe

Favourite Recipe: How amazing does this roasted cauliflower capellini look! I think I’m going to try and make this on the weekend. Recipe here.

A Sprinkle Of Love Favourite Outfit

Favourite Outfit: In love with everything about this outfit!

Favourite Life Moments: I have almost finished my Christmas shopping!!  I really dislike going to the mall this time of the year because it is way too busy so I’m so happy that I only have to purchase two more gifts!




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