Tune Tuesday: Unconditionally

A Sprinkle Of Love Katy Perry UnconditionallyI have always enjoyed Katy Perry’s music but after watching her documentary I gained a new found respect for her and appreciation for her music. Previous to watching her documentary I believed, that like many pop sensations, her music was written for her. But no, this lady actually writes all of her own music! I’m a huge fan of artists who actually compose the songs they sing because it gives a rawness to the music. Since finding out this little tid bit along with just being genuinely inspired by Katy Perry I have been listening to her albums for two weeks straight, and I absolutely love all of of her songs! Below is her newest single Unconditionally which is a beautiful song and the video, like all of her music videos is brilliant!

Has an artist ever surprised you in a way that made you love and appreciate them more?



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