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Friday Favourites

A Sprinkle Of Love  Quote

Happy Friday everyone! This week as been crazy and amazing all at the same time! I truly don’t know where all the time when this week and I’m so thankful that Friday has finally upon us. Tomorrow I will be heading to the theater to watch Catching Fire and I’m so darn excited to see how the adapted the book to film, I really hope they stuck closely to the book.

Below are a few of my favourite things from this week.

A Sprinkle Of Love Hair

Hair: I am obsessed with this hair do! I’ love when gals where this style of hair piece and would love to wear one myself but I’ve just never found one that I really like. This picture also makes me want to cut my bangs. There might be a little hair style change in my future.

A Sprinkle Of Love Coat A Sprinkle Of Love Outfit02

Outfits: I found both of these outfits on Pinterest and am just in love with everything about them!


  • Sometimes when you are feeling a little down in the dumps or just feeling like giving up it’s really empowering to watch a movie or documentary that can lift you up and make you remember to never give up on what you believe in. Gala Darling recently wrote a post on her top documentaries to watch to feel inspired again. So far I’ve only watched the Katy Perry Part Of Me  and absolutely loved it so I can’t wait to check out these other great documentaries! You can view Gala’s list here.
  • These cranberry Jell-O shots look amazing! I can’t wait to try them out for myself.



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