Currently on Repeat: Hard Out Here

Lily Allen

Lily Allen has been one of my all time favourite female artists for a very long time. Her lyrics are always fun and amazing and she has her own personality and style which I love – She doesn’t feel the need to be molded into the stereotypical Β “pop template” like so many other singers out there. She also makes me want to get blunt bangs again because her hair is amazing! Yes, I have a slight girl crush on Lily Allen and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Yesterday Lily Allen released a new video of her single Hard Out Here. I have since played this song over and over again on YouTube and just love it! I can’t wait till I can download this song on Sunday! The song is very vulgar which is something I’m not normally a huge fan of, but some how Lily Allen makes it alright.

If you don’t get offended easily I suggest you click play and give this song a listen.



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