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Winter Wish List

With October coming to an end and the fact that we have already had our first little snow fall, yes you read that right I said snowfall, I’ve been thinking about what could make this approaching chilly season a little more bearable.

A Sprinkle Of Love Winter Wish List

  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture. I have had my eye on this product for awhile now, but to be honest I’m a little nervous about them.  Even though I’ve only heard great and amazing things about the lip stains it’s a lot of money to spend to only find out that it doesn’t work. I have a feeling that this will be like the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer which I love so I might have to save up and try it out for myself. If you have used this product I would love to know your thoughts. Should I get it or skip it?
  • Timberland Boots.  I’ve been looking for a pair of lace up combat style boots for over a year now but haven’t found a pair that I really adore. And when I’m going to shell out a large amount of money on a pair of boots I really need to love them.
  • New fragrance. My current perfume is Lovestruck by Vera Wang and I do adore this perfume but my bottle is just about empty so it’s time to try something new. Currently I’m thinking that I would like to get Chance by Chanel. If you have any recommendations please let me know!
  • New winter coat. I have no idea where this coat is from (found it on Pinterest) but it’s gorgeous! I would love to add a cute and girly coat like this to my closet and I love the colour, bottom pleats and the mini little cape detail on the top of this coat!
  • Nike Fuel Band. I’m planning on heading someplace warm this winter and with my October wellness month coming to an end I would love to get my hands on this neat fuel band so that I can keep track of my fitness activity and stay motivated throughout the colder months.

What’s on your winter wish list this year?



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