Champagne Glitter Polish

I walked into Chapters this weekend in the hopes I would be able to grab a few new stationary items from the new Kate Spade collection – everything from this line is absolutely adorable! Needless to say because this line is brand new they didn’t have it out on the shelves yet. So for now I will just have to enjoy viewing the collection online before I’m able to get my hands on any of it. But while I was looking around their home collection my eyes found this gorgeous champagne glitter nail polish. I’ve never purchased nail polish from Chapters before or ever heard of the brand Coco & Lulu by CakeΒ but thought it might be fun to try out and well it’s so pretty!

Champagne Glitter, A Sprinkle Of LoveChampagne Glitter, A Sprinkle Of LoveI’m smitten with this glitter. It’s extra fine glitter so you don’t have to worry about huge pieces or glitter globs forming. The champagne colour is very pale, almost nonexistence, so you do need to apply a solid colour before applying the glitter. I’m happy with this new addition to my nail polish collection and think that I might pick up another colour the next time I stop in Chapters.



3 thoughts on “Champagne Glitter Polish

    1. I completely agree, this polish is going to be great for the holiday season. I’m excited to try pairing it was a a red or more vibrant colour for a little extra pop.

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