Birthday Wish List

It’s my birthday month and I thought it might be fun to share what I’m putting on my birthday wish list this year.

Since I was little I have always put together a birthday or Christmas wish list for my family. And for some odd reason, I would I rarely get anything off the list I created even though I only ever put items on the list that I knew where reasonable. So when I was 16 I started putting ridiculous high priced or hard to obtain items on my lists because a) they were items I wanted but couldn’t afford myself  b) I knew my family would never get it for me but it made me smile when I put it on my list and c) a girl can dream.

Birthday Wish List

A few of these items may be a little out there but wouldn’t it just be amazing to receive one of these items as a gift!

1. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Minka Purse. I have had my eye on this purse for two years now. I think that if I don’t get it as a gift that I will most likely go out and purchase it myself as a little treat.

2. Fashion Illustration. I keep finding myself browsing through different fashion illustrations and just think it would be fantastic to put one up in my house, I especially love this one!

3. Faux Fur Blanket. I don’t know what it is about faux fur but I it just looks so cozy and warm!

4. Faux Fur Bean Bag. I stumbled across this bean bag in Restoration Hardware last year and fell in love.

5. Kate Spade Watch. I damaged my watch earlier this year and haven’t replaced it yet and I just adore this simple Kate Spade watch.

6. Wild Fox Sweater. Wild Fox somehow manages to make the softest sweaters imaginable and I just love the star pattern on this one! 

Do you still make wish lists for your birthday or Christmas?



5 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List

  1. So I def have that Kate Spade bag sitting at my feet right now. Totes bought myself that bag for my birthday two years ago!
    You have good taste 😉

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