Review: Titanium Curling Rod

When curling rods first came out, about a year or so ago, I always thought that it was a new hair styling tool fad and therefore decided not to pick one up since my straighter did a fantastic job at curling my long hair. Plus why bring two styling tools when you go on vacation when you can just bring one! Needless to say, I finally cracked down this weekend and picked up the Absolut Titanium Heat Pro-ion Titanium Curling Rod from Winners to try my hand at using one of these raved about hair styling tool.

Wand ReviewWand ReviewWand Review

The curling rod I picked up is a titanium 19/25mm graduated barrel and is rather sleek looking if I do say so myself. According the the box the titanium barrel will give the user a voluminous, frizz-free curls and waves with incredible shine. I can’t say that this rod gives me frizz-free curls as I’ve never had an issue with frizzy hair before, and I don’t think it provides any additional shine to my hair. All I think the titanium does is give the rod a sleeker look and a longer product name.

After my first use I was rather impressed with the results and excited to use it again. I find that with the curling rod I’m able to curl larger sections of my hair at once, and am able to curl my entire head of hair in a matter of minutes. It’s much quicker to use than my straighter. I also found that the curls become too tight when I curl small sections of hair at a time – not a look I’m overly found of on myself as I prefer a more natural soft wave look. I’m glad that I finally decided to pick up a curling rod because it’s going to shave so much time off my morning routine!

Do you have a curling rod? If so do you prefer it over other curling tools?



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    1. Thank you! We actually had a mix of rain and snow here yesterday, it was really odd. Even though I love winter and the snow I’m just not ready to give up autumn yet.

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