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Review: Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Eye

Last month I went looking for a new eye cream to reduce my pesky dark circles and that had anti-aging properties. Because who doesn’t want to stay looking fresh and young for as long as they can? I headed to Kiehl’s to take a peak at the different eye creams they were selling as in the past I had loved their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado but it lacked the anti-aging properties I was now looking for in an eye cream. After talking to one of the lovely sales reps I decided to try the Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Eye.

What it claims: Rosa Arctica Eye helps to revitalize the appearance of skin in the delicate eye area for visibly younger-looking eyes. This formulation uses a unique combination of white birch, squalane, and our rare “Resurrection Flower” to provide an immediate smoothed appearance and a lifted, firmer eye area.

Review Rosa Arctica Eye Review Rosa Arctica Eye

The packaging is a classic example of what Kiehl’s products look like, simple and clean cut. The contents of this product has a very thick consistency and you only require a small amount, so small that I sometimes don’t think I have anything on my finger as the ivory colour disappears when you remove the amount you need from the pot. When I apply it, I constantly have to remind myself not to put too much on my finger as it sits on top of my skin, creating a new layer of sorts before eventually absorbing into my skin. Even though this eye cream can be used for both day and night applications, I think that it’s more of a night cream than day. I still use it in the morning but I make sure to apply it first thing in the morning so that it has enough time to absorb thoroughly into my skin before I start applying makeup.

The product claims to revitalize the appearance of the skin around your eye, and the sales rep did inform me that it didn’t just mean anti-aging, that it would also help remove my dark circles. After using this product for a month I have noticed that my dark circles have decreased substantially and my eye area is firmer then it previously was. Hurray!

This little jar is 0.5oz and retails in Canada for $48.00 which I think it’s ridiculously expensive and I do wonder how I could have coughed up so much money for such a tiny jar. Thankfully however, I think this jar  will last me a long time as you only require a tiny amount at each application.

I am really enjoying the results of this eye cream but the price does deter me slightly from considering repurchasing this once I run out. I will certainly enjoy pampering myself with this eye cream while it lasts but I think I will try to search for a cheaper version once I’ve run out of the Rosa Arctica eye.

Have you tried any Kiehl’s eye cream before?



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