Weekend Adventure

Today I’m going to stray a little from my normal beauty, fashion posts and do a little recap of my long weekend, well mostly just share with you the adventure I went on with my camera. So here we go!

I absolutely love long weekends and think that we should have one every other week because I always seem to be able to achieve so much with that extra day! Do you feel the same? This long weekend I reorganized my closet, wrote a couple of blog posts, started assembling a few DIY projects, spent quality time with friends and family, and went on an adventure with my camera.

I’m a big fan of photography and am working at becoming better antiquated with all the different settings on my DSLR camera and how to use the natural light to capture different shots. I also love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature, it feels so incredibly magical and is a calming place for me. So I decided to combine the two and go on a little little adventure on one of the trails in my area.Β Below are a few if the photos that I took on my adventure.

Weekend Adventure Weekend AdventureWeekend Adventure Weekend AdventureSignature


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventure

  1. Looks like a gorgeous place to walk! Great focus on the shot of the moss and the tree with mushrooms on it! ❀ Jesika jesikaraestyle.com

    1. Thanks, it really is a beautiful place to walk around, especially during fall with all the leaves start changing colours and falling! I think the shot of the moss is one of my favourite images.

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