Handling Stress

It's Going To Be Okay Quote

I thought it would be nice to take a little breather from all things beauty and fashion related today to approach the top of stress. It’s almost impossible to go through life without having stress pop in and out of your life on occasion, and it’s something that I have experienced more than I would like to admit. I have recently found a new way to approach stressful situations and want to share it will you in case you also have a slight issue with managing your stress levels.

I wouldn’t say that I am an overly stressed out person, but I do get stressed out on the odd occasion and for me this can sometimes lead to becoming extremely overwhelmed and due to my hyper over-analyzing thought process, having anxiety moments. This year I have made a mental note to myself to try with all my might to avoid being overcome by stress as it can obviously have a negative effect on your mood, and day for that matter.

I love to make lists whenever I feel I have too much to accomplish in a day – I love the feeling of checking items off a list! But when a list isn’t able to dissolve my stress levels I have found my own little mantra, “It’s going to be okay” to help calm me down when I feel my stress levels rising. I repeat this mantra to myself and I’m able to ground myself so that I can see the bigger picture of a situation to remind myself that in the end it will all work out. For example, when I’m feeling like I will never get all my work complete because my to do list is so long, I just have to remind myself that maybe it won’t get done today, but tomorrow is another day and I will eventually, in due time, complete my work. This mantra also works wonders for me when I am about to put myself in a new environment where I feel uncomfortable because I start playing out all these horrible situations in my head which leads to stressing me out and creating anxiety – I have a really over active imagination. When I calm down my thinking I’m able to realized that it is very unlikely that anyone of those made up scenarios will occur and that I might miss out on a great opportunity or experience. I’ve been using this little mantra in my work and personal life and am amazed at how it’s able to calm me down and my over thinking mind so that I can concur different situations in a relaxed manner.

Do you have any little tricks to handling stress in your life?



6 thoughts on “Handling Stress

  1. Whenever I am stressed I always try to look on the bright side and remember life is too short to spend it freaking out over something. When I get a minute, I like to just stop and think about five or ten good things that have happened that day or are happening right now. It usually helps put everything back into perspective.

    1. Your completely right, life is too short to stress over little things. I love that you think back on the good things that have happened earlier in the day, I’m going to have to start incorporating this method into my routine. Thanks for sharing! x Ashley

  2. I am a big list-maker, as well. There’s nothing like the feeling of crossing something off your list. I also tend to get major anxiety before meetings, big events or even dinner parties. I think it stems from being a bit of a perfectionist. I’ve found that a couple of deep breaths and reminding myself that not everything has to be perfect helps alleviate the stress.

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