J.Crew Haul

Confession time, I am a huge J.Crew fanatic. If I had to pick one store to buy all my clothes from for the rest of my life I would without a doubt pick J.Crew. I love this store so much that I try and stay away from it because I can’t walk out of that store without carrying bags of new items. Recently I had the bright idea to stop by my local J.Crew store to window shop, and well my browsing turned into trying things on, which resulted in me buying a bunch of new items. Thankful for my bank account everything was on sale.

J.Crew Skirts J.Crew SweatersJewelry

I picked up a cozy light hoodie with the best hood ever (I’m a sucker when it comes to big hoods), a cute pom pom sweater (this style shape is the best for layer over button ups), a polka dot sweater with collar, two cute pleated skirts, gold and aqua flower necklace and a gold chain bracelet.Β  I’m so happy with my new purchases and glad that I was able to pick up some great pieces for what is left of our short summer and for the upcoming fall season.

What store are you unable to walk into without buying a few new items?



10 thoughts on “J.Crew Haul

    1. Thanks, I’m excited for it to get colder here so that I can wear my pom pom sweater! I love Banana Republic too, especially their jewelry selection! xx

  1. That floral skirt is so cute! :3 Whenever I go into Forever 21, there is a 99% chance I am going to buy something. Their accessories are so cheap. I can’t help myself!

    1. Thanks! The floral skirt is my favourite piece. I wish I was able to find things in Forever 21, but I generally get so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in that store that I just end up walking out. 😦

      1. Your the sweetest! Yes, I think I could truely benefit from having someone show me how to shop in that store without getting overwhelmed. πŸ™‚

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