My Top Summer Nail Polishes

It is sad to say but summer is slowly coming to an end. In memory of this wonderful summer that we’ve enjoyed I have decided to create a new list every Friday for the month of August of 5 of my top/favourite summer beauty products. The first list as you can tell by the title are my 5 top nail polishes. All of these are ones that I wore repeatedly throughout the summer, and I just adore these colours! They are listed below in no particular order.

Top Summer Nail Polishes

1. Essie’s Tart Deco. The photo does not do this colour any justice. It’s a beautiful coral and perfect for the summer months.

2. Essie’s First Timer. Aqua is one of my favourite colours and this has been the best aqua shade I have found.

3. Essie’s Tour De Finance. I love wearing this vibrant pink polish, It makes me feel extra girly!

4. O.P.I Rosy Future. This has been my go to natural shade and I love that it has a soft pearl pink hue to it.

5. O.P.I Bright Lights Big Color. It’s orange and shimmers, need I say more?

What is your favourite summer polish?

Links: Essie / O.P.I 



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