Review: YSL – Volume Effect Faux CILS Waterproof Luxurious Mascara

I picked up this mascara a couple of months ago. The reason why it has taken me so long to post a review on this product is because I’ve had a difficult time deciding whether or not I like it. I’ve since figured out my opinion on this mascara and have come to the conclusion that this mascara has it’s time and place.

YSL Waterproof Mascara YSL Waterproof Mascara

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this mascara has a really nice scent to it (I’m not kidding, it truly smells amazing), I also really love the look of this mascara – YSL always seem to be able to create the best luxe packaging. The wand is the best I’ve ever used to separate my lashes and is able to coat each lash while providing great length.

On the down side I found that this mascara was lacking in the ability to provide thickness and when paying top dollars for a high end mascara I was hoping it would have been able to deliver thickness and length to my lashes.

Overall I do like this mascara for those summer days where I just want to wear the bare minimal makeup, but also want to feel a little fancy. This mascara is however, far from being a must have in my makeup collection. I would consider purchasing this mascara again if I were to attend a big event or wedding and was planning on wearing a pair of false lashes as they would provide thickness.



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