My Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

Nothing is better than picking up a clean makeup brush to start applying a fabulous new look for the day. But even with my love for freshly clean makeup brushes and good intentions to clean them on a regular basis, I always seem to put if off by finding something better or more “important” to do when I run out of clean brushes. It usually take me about , dare I say it, a month to finally crack down and start cleaning them. When I do finally get around to cleaning my brushes I like to get into the cleaning mood by sipping on a glass of red wine and jamming to one of my playlists.

Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Brushes Beautiful Clean Brushes!

My makeup brush cleaning routine is extremely simple. I turn the tap to a luck warm temperature on medium to light pressure, and get the brush hairs wet. Once the hairs are wet a put a dim size amount of baby shampoo (it’s delicate enough for the fine brush hairs) into my palm and start cleaning the brush. Once I believe the soap has done its job I rinse it out and remove any access water by lightly pinching the hairs downwards and then lay it out on my counter to dry. I usually do this in the evening so that they are all dry and ready to use first in the morning.

Tip: Never submerge the whole brush into the water. The hairs are glued in place to the metal band, and if you submerge it in warm water the glue will release, thus making the brush hairs fall out.

The majority of my brushes are from Sigma or MAC.



8 thoughts on “My Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

  1. I just washed my new Real Techniques brushes for the first time on Sunday, and I was so nervous! I use a gentle foaming face wash to clean my brushes, but I’ve heard baby shampoo works really well too. I try to wash my brushes once a week, but for some reason I am so lazy about it and, I don’t have half as many brushes as you do!

    1. I always get a little nervous when I’m cleaning a new brush for the first time too. It’s like I think I’m going to destroy the brush by cleaning it, so odd. haha I’ve tried a few different brush cleaning products but baby shampoo is by far my favourite and it’s also the cheapest. πŸ™‚ I’m not a huge fan of the brush cleaning process so I have a theory that if I get a ton of brushes then I don’t have to wash them as often. Only problem with my theory is that it ends up taking me way longer to clean all of my brushes.

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