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DIY: Glitter Container

Being a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works three wick candles I have acquired my fair share of empty containers, and if it’s possible to reuse an object again, especially if they can be used to organize something, I’m game. This simple DIY allows me to reuse all of my empty three wick candles and gives me a reason to add more sparkles and glitter into my life.

DIY Glitter Vase
Glitter Vase

You will need the following items: empty candle container, bowl, soap, paper plate, ModPodge, extra fine glitter & and sponge brush.

Step 1: In order for the glitter to stick properly, and for best visual appeal, you want to get every last bit of wax out of the container. I find that the best way to do this is to submerge the container into a bowl of hot water, allowing the water to warm up the wax and making it easy to scoop out. Once the majority of the wax is out it’s time to use a little soup to remove the wax residue that might have been left behind. I also like to clean it once more with a little Windex to remove any water marks or finger prints from the inside of the container.

Step 2: Once your vase is finally cleaned you can put your first coat of ModPodge to the inside of the container and then sprinkle the glitter on top. If you haven’t used ModPodge before don’t worry when it goes on white as it drys clear. Wait until the glue has dried and then apply a second coat of glue and glitter. You should only need two coats, but if you feel like your vase could benefit from a third coat wait the appropriate time and add another layer.

Step 3: After your final coat has dried apply a layer of ModPodge to set and secure the glitter in place. Once this layer has dried you can start using your new glitter vase to store your lip glosses, makeup brushes or anything you see fit!

I hope you enjoyed my first Do It Yourself post and if you plan on making your own glitter vases let me know by leaving a comment below!



5 thoughts on “DIY: Glitter Container

  1. This is a smart idea and super cute. I love holding onto containers (especially glass ones), so I might have one that I can use for this. Great idea 🙂

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