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Things I Love Round Up: 1D

Weekly Favourites

What an interesting week. It started off rather poor due to the fact that I haven’t been feeling well, but everyday has gradually gotten a little brighter and better.

Beauty: Yves Saint Laurent Mascara – Volume Effect Faux CILS Waterproof Luxurious Mascara. I will be posting a full review of this soon.

Fashion: Button up dress shirts from J.Crew. I have a few dress shirts from J.Crew and they are absolutely amazing. I have been especially loving them this week because I’ve been so unsure of our weather here and I can easily roll up the selves if I’m feeling a little warm or keep them down and buttoned up if I’m feeling chilly – they are also really cute.

~ Little fact about myself, I love One Direction. I think they are so adorable and their music is incredibly catchy and happy. So I was tickled pink to watch their music video and hear their new song. I’ve since been putting Best Song Ever (title of their song) on repeat and dancing about. ~ Having had my own little fan freak out over a tweet response, I absolutely loved Tyler Oakleys reaction video after being retweeted from Harry Styles (One Direction member). If you a few minutes you should check out this video which I have conveniently put below for you, or just go and check out his channel. ~ The TV show Girls. I don’t know why it took so much convincing for me to watch this show because it is so funny and just what I needed to watch while I was sick last weekend. If you are unfamiliar with this show it’s pretty much a raw and younger take on Sex And The City. ~Β The fact that the A Summer With Alex Goot & Friends Tour was last night! Such an amazing concert and I got to meet some incredible new people. I love making new friends. : ) ~

β™ž I’ve been all about eating healthy lately so I’ve been loving these food posts. Don’t they look so incredibly yummy?

β™ž I enjoyed a few giggles while scrolling through these photos of hot guys and cats who are striking similar poses.

This upcoming weekend is going to be a riot and I cant wait to get this weekend started, thing are going to get wild!



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