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Things I Love Round Up: Summer Love

I’m going to change this up a tad by adding my weekly favourite hair, beauty and fashion favourites into the mix. I hope you all enjoy this new addition, and if you do please let me know by leaving a comment below! I would also love to know what one of your most loved items of the week is.

July Weekly Round Up

Beauty: Essie’s Tart Deco Nail Polish & Flamingo MAC lipstick with MAC Love Nectar. I’m absolutely loving this lip combination right now.

Fashion: My favourite fashion item has to be my gold feather mid ring. I bought it last month (click here to see my haul video) and have been wearing it none stop.

~ I love my silly text message conversations with my little sister. She’s not really little anymore, but she will forever be my little baby sister. If you are reading this I love you oh so much! β™₯ ~ The fact that the Calgary Stampede is finally here and that so many incredible people pulled together after the flooding, making this year possible. I love Stampede and cant wait to go back down this weekend to enjoy in more of the festivities! (post to follow soon with all the Stampede Shenanigans) ~ I love the weather we have been having here. Warm sunny weather during the day and intense late night storms. It’s perfect since I love being warm as I’m always cold and I love watching storms when I’m all curled up at home. ~


β™ž Beauty Bootcamp. It was a fun challenge that was created to find the next beauty guru for the Daily Mix channel, and I don’t know why it took me so long to view this series because it is so good! It was lovely to watch and I’m so happy for the winner.



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