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Things I Love Round Up: Summer Love

Sun Set

This week has been such a joyful one. It was filled with family and friends and new memories. For a break down of some of the splendid things that happened during the week keep on reading : )

~ Everyday I have been getting a little more excited for the A Summer With Alex Goot And Friends Tour. I can’t wait to see this amazingly talented group of guys perform live so in order to pass the time till they come I have been filling my days with their music, and dancing and singing every chance I get. ~ The rain has finally let up around here thank goodness as we had some serious flooding near by. But now we have now been enjoying beautiful weather, which means that I get to see pretty colourful sunsets again and do some tanning outside! ~ I enjoy a lovely and oh so fun picnic with friends. ♥ ~ I use to do yoga on a regular basis but stopped about a year ago which I was very sad about but, I was fortunate to partake in a hot yoga class recently. I found it to be enriching and reminded me how much I loved doing it. I’m hoping to find a new and reasonably priced yoga studio so that I can start taking classes again on a regular basis. ~ I was treated to an amazing pedicure. I don’t get these very often so it was a very nice treat. ~


♞ I loved this post by the beautiful Kandee Johnson on How To Deal With A Bad Hair Cut. She points out some great tips to help explain to your hairdresser what style your looking for and the video is also pretty darn hilarious.

♞ I’m a huge fan of tattoos, and with that being said I love browsing online to see other peoples tattoos. This Tumblr page is one of my favourite places to look, so if you also enjoy seeing amazing tattoos you should go check it out. : )

♞ I love avocados so when I came across this delicious grapefruit and avocado toast recipe it had to be saved so that I could try it as soon as I got some more avocados!

♞ Here is another recipe that I can’t wait to try out. It’s a healthy garlic dip, and I don’t know what it is about dips but I just love them, like all of them! I think I really just love the fact that you can dip practically anything and everything in them for a delicious little treat.

I have been listing to the below song, Once In A Lifetime by Landon Austin on repeat for about two weeks. It is such a sweet song and it makes me melt every time I hear it. I really hope that he sings this song when I see him at concert.

Side bar: I just want you all to know that I absolutely love reading all of your sweet comments. They make me smile and so incredibly happy. If you have ever left a comment on any of my social media outlets I want you to know that I truly appreciate and love every single one. Big internet hug to you all.



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