Diary · Radical Self Love Journey

Do It With Passion


Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. – Opera Winfrey

I have become mesmerized with the amount of passion certain people have. You can tell that someone is truly passionate about what they are doing not only by the they way their eyes light up, but also by way their whole body becomes energized when they are talking about their passion. This is something that I have been noticing more and more lately since starting my Radical Self Love journey. I feel as though I’m looking at my surroundings with fresh eyes, and what I’m seeing is incredibly beautiful.

Seeing people pursuing their passion has made me wonder. What am I passionate about? After pondering this questions for a while I have decided that I have had one great passion in life since I was a little girl, horses. Sadly this passion has fallen to the way side due to lack of funds – it’s an incredibly expensive passion. But on a happier note I’m currently passionate about a lot of things in my life. And to be honest some of them make me a wee bit nervous, as they require me to put myself way out there – something I’m not the best at doing.

I would love to have a strong passion in my life again, so I did something that I love doing. I made a list. I jotted down everything I feel passion about, along with the different ways I could purse them, and how to make them a prominent part of my life.

Whether you are unsure of yourself and/or your passion, or currently have a fierce passion for something in your life, lets say cheers and pursue our passion with everything we have.



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