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Things I’m Loving Round Up

Credit: Pinterest

I missed last weeks roundup due to some crazy life  happenings. But that just means that this week has double the love!

~The amazing and delicious seafood dinner that my mother and I made for Fathers Day. ~ The love and support my friends and family provide me. I seriously think that I have the best people in my life. ~ My new fancy boots with little tassels. Tassels make everything a little more fun, don’t you think? ~ Enjoying a lovely evening at the race tracks with good company. ~ Meeting great people at a golf tournament even thought the weather was terrible. ~ Hanging out with my little nephew. He is so much fun to be around and we get to play a bunch of silly silly games. ~ The fact that all my friends and family members who live in southern Alberta are okay after the scary and intense flooding. ~ Rainbows that appear after it rains. We have been having our fair share number of storms lately so we have had lots of rainbows! ~ The fresh sent outside after it has rained ~


♞ This is a great little post about thinking less and doing more. Something I need to start doing more of.

♞ How delicious do these Madeleine’s look?!

♞ If you haven’t yet seen Miley Cyrus new video for We Can’t Stop and want to see something that you having you wondering what the F just happened click here.

6 Habits of Successful Women This a great little article to help guide you through work situations.

♞ Loving everything on this wish list.

♞ My new cheeky haul video. I’m so happy with everything that I picked up. : )



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