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My Beauty Story


Since I’m talking about beauty and makeup I figure I should share with you where my passion came from. The best place to start is obviously at the beginning, so lets take a trip down my memory lane.

As a child, I was a was a pretty big tomboy and didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in my mid teens. At that time it mainly just consisted of a light application of a natural eyeshadow with one those dreadful sponge applicator that all drug store makeup comes with, and a coat of black mascara on the odd occasion. My interest for beauty and makeup products didn’t start until my last year of high school. I think it was partially due to graduation as I began experimenting with different grad makeup looks. This was also the year I got my first part time job and could finally buy whatever I wanted. And so began my collection.

My first big makeup purchase was in MAC. Go figure. I bought the eyeshadow woodwinked and surprisingly this is something that I have repurchased several times, go 16 year old me! I also picked up two MAC brushes, the fluffy 224 tapered blending brush and the 242 shader brush that I still use today. After my big purchase I basically wore the same eye look everyday. Woodwinked over my lids with a black pencil eyeliner, mascara and a little concealer. After graduating I became more adventurous with beauty products and through trial and error I learned techniques and began a passion for makeup and beauty products.

Then about five years ago I discovered and became awe struck with the beauty gurus on YouTube. My passion for makeup and beauty exploded. I learned so many amazing things from these girls. I loved seeing that there were others out there who had the same passion and love for makeup and beauty products, just like me. There weren’t that many people in my life who I can sit down with and chit chat about beauty products. This is one of the many reasons why I love the online beauty community.

I love that I have the ability to enhance my appearance, create fun looks and express myself through makeup. And it also doesn’t hurt that I can apply what I have learned and do up the ladies for a fancy occasion or night out on the town.

Much love.



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