Finding Strength

I recently had my world turned upside down this weekend and it got me thinking. How does one handle a huge upsetting life situation to which they find themselves stuck in the middle of? Do you get in the middle of things and try to put together what broke? Do you ignore the situation and just continue with life? Or do you stay strong and supportive for those that need you?

I have opted to try and be strong for myself and the others involved. It can be a struggle and emotionally draining to find the strength at times, so I went looking for much needed inspiration. Below are some quotes that I recently found to give me that little extra encouragement I needed in order to keep being strong. I hope you enjoy these quotes just as much as I do.




2 thoughts on “Finding Strength

  1. The greatest pleasure, is to do, or MAKE IT THROUGH that which no one, ESPECIALLY YOURSELF, thought you could. And what an impowering moment it is, when we reach the point where we can look back on a time we thought would kill us, and realize we are stronger than ever, for having walked through it. Keep your head up and STAY STRONG-It’s about loving yourself enough, to know you can, and will. TRUST ME-I speak from experience….a lot of it!!! stay in prayer xoxo

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