My Top Six Lipsticks

I originally had wanted to share with you my top five lipsticks. But when I was putting this together it was first of all super difficult to just pick five and secondly when I had finally selected my top five I soon realized I had forgotten to include my favourite red! What the hay! Because I obviously had to include my favourite red and couldn’t eliminate any of my already chosen shades I now have my top six lipsticks to share.

These lipsticks are the ones that always seem to make it into my purse for all sorts of life events, such as work, dinners, evenings out on the town and special occasions. And as you will soon find out I have a slight love for pink shades of lipstick. I think its because pink tends to go with just about every outfit and is super feminine.

A Sprinkle Of Love

1. MAC Chatter Box. This is my go to subtle everyday pink. It’s a lighter shade of pink so it can work with pretty much any look, especially if I go for a more dramatic eye.

2. MAC Girl About Town. This is the most amazing and boldest hot pink ever! I love this shade so much that I also have it in a lipgloss, it was available for only a short time. I like to pair this lipstick with the MAC Embrace Me Lip Pencil which was sadly also a limited addition. Why does MAC create such beautiful things and make them limited addition!

3. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Shade 6. I don’t even know where to begin with this lipstick. It might have a soft spot for it because it is my first YSL lipstick. But I do really love the texture, smell and colour pay off with this lipstick. Simply amazing!

4. Rimmel Kate Moss Shade #17. This is my all time favourite neutral lipstick and It does have a slight hint of pink as well which doesn’t hurt. I’ve never been a huge fan of nude lipsticks as I find they wash me out, so this is my happy alternative and go to shade when I don’t want my lips to stand out too much.

5. MAC Watch Me Simmer. Coral and orange lipsticks hold a special place with me. I love how bright and different they are from the typical shades (reds and pinks) and this shade is by far my go to coral. And again it might have something to do with the fact that there is a slight hint of pink in this shade. I do love wearing corals and oranges, this shade in particular, when I’m feeling a little down because they just makes me so darn happy!

6. Rimmel Kate Moss Shade #111 Kiss Of Life. Every girl should have a staple red lipstick in her collection and Kiss Of Life is mine. It’s a great bright matte red and the Kate Moss lipsticks all smell absolutely delicious! This lipstick stays where I put it and is stunning on.

What is your favourite lipstick(s)?


Ashley ❀


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