Hairdresser Woes

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Lately I have been feeling completely helpless when it comes to finding a spectacular hair stylist. One who is able to carry out my simple request of a tiny trim and no layers as I find they make my hair look especially thin. The process of finding and trying a new hair stylist makes me incredibly nervous which sounds a little silly as it’s just hair and will grow back. But I feel I have invested years (3 years to be precise) to grow my hair to a length I’m happy with and the last thing I want is some scissor happy stylist going chop chop to my locks, which sadly has happened in the past. I know that there are awesome stylists out there as I have had two in the past, but the long process it takes find those select hair stylists I find to be extremely exhausting. Am I the only one who there who finds it crazy difficult and tiring trying to find a new hair stylist? Fingers crossed that the next hair stylist I try will be exactly what I’ve looking for.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day!

Toodles! ❤


2 thoughts on “Hairdresser Woes

  1. I always have the same problem, I tell them I’m growing my hair and want a tiny trim and they hack of a couple of inches. So annoying! Hope you find a good stylist soon!
    Ali x

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