How Much Is My Face Worth?

The Every Last Detail
The Every Last Detail

I recently stumbled across this tag and thought it would be a great first tag to do on my blog as well I very curious yet at the same time terrified to find out the total cost of all the makeup I use on a daily basis. To do the tag all you have to do is add up the prices of all the makeup products you use on a day to basis and then most likely become extremely shocked at the grand cost.

Daily products used as of late:

The grand total = $355.50

This makes me cringe and I am shocked. A little part of me wishes that I never added them up because if this is just the total of the product I use on a day to day basis it scares the heck out of me to think about how much my entire makeup collection is worth. Yikes!Β Thank goodness nobody has come up with a more horrendous tag like, “how much is your makeup collection worth”. I most definitely do not want to know that total.

If this sounds like a tag you would want to do or maybe have already done it leave me a link to your blog as I would love it see it!

Thanks for stopping by, I am now going to go and recover from complete shock.

Toodles! ❀


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