A Magical Adventure

Last week my friend and I set off to a magical place, Disney World. It was an amazing trip where I concurred my fear of twirly whirly roller coasters and got to visit the most magical of places, Wizarding World Harry Potter! Getting to walk down Diagon Alley with a cold butter beer in hand while visiting all the different shops was a dream come true. Being a huge fan of Harry Potter and the world that J.K. Rolling created I of course had to pick up a wand, Gryffindor scarf and sweater, Chocolate Frog, Pumpkin Juice and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. I’m actually terrified of opening the box of Ever Flavour Beans as I’m scared I will eat the vomit flavoured one – yuck!

The different worlds that Disney has created like Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom were also magnificent. It truly boggles my mind how they are able to bring your childhood stories to life in such a large and spectacular way.

All in all the trip was spectacular. Below are some shots of my trip.

Harry Potter World Tree Of Life Lady And The Tramp Magic KingdomBeauty & The Beast Minnie MouseThanks for stopping by.

Toodles! ❤


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