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Things I’m Loving Round Up: Precious Moments

Junebug Weddings
Junebug Weddings

First things first, I feel so incredibly lucky to have such amazing people in my life. There has been so much love going around this week and it just makes me want to jump up and down while tossing glitter everywhere! I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant and happy week as well. Below are some of my top moments of the week.

~Family Time ~ Brunch. It’s The Best Time To Eat Because You Can Eat Breakfast Or Lunch Food, I love It! ~ My new Polka Dot Blouse! I Don’t Know What It Is About Polka Dots But They Make Me So Happy. ~ Sunshine ~ Seeing Green Grass Peaking Out. Eek! I Can’t Wait For It To Be Summer! ~ New Makeup. (Reviews & A Little Haul Will Be Coming Soon.) ~ Baby Showers. Little Baby Clothes Are The Cutest Things Ever In My Eyes. ~ My Up Coming Trip To The Happiest Place In The World, Disney World! ~ Long Talks With My Sister ~ Watching The Forks Over Knifes Documentary. It’s An Amazing Documentary About The Connection Between Health, Diet And Diseases. Makes Me Really Think About Becoming A Vegetarian or Vegan ~

Thanks for Stopping By.

Toodles! ❤


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