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Silly Motivators – Getting Into Shape


I was recently in the middle of my cardio work out, my favourite place to let my mind wonder, and began to think about what motivated me to start getting back into shape. (I very recently started working out again on a regular basis.) Listed below are the main motivators I came up with.

  1. An upcoming trip to Disney World! I’m incredibly excited about this trip and want to be able to run/skip around the park effortlessly for long periods of time while adorning a pair of glitzy Mickey ears.
  2. I want to be once again one of those overly happy, sometimes obnoxiously happy people. Not too long ago, about 2 years, I was one of those people and I feel like I’m almost back to that wonderful state of pure bliss with the help of my radical self love journey. I just need that extra bit of energy that comes from being in shape to finally become, once again extremely crazy and giddy with happiness!
  3. Every time I’m out shopping I some how manage to pick up a new work out book or outfit. I can’t stop myself from reading different work out plans and picking up cute bright shorts or tops. It’s time to my new knowledge and outfits to work!

But what truly made me get up off my booty and get in gear was surprisingly the Jennifer Love Hewitt article in Shape magazine this month. It was simply on a whim that I picked up this magazine as I usually read Women’s Health Magazine, but I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt looked ridiculously good on the cover so I pick it up. I read her article and the variety of ways she exercises in her busy every day life and that gave me the extra little push and motivation that I needed. This beautiful lady wears ankle weights while she is filming her new TV show The Client List. By the way she looks absolutely amazing in this show! If Jennifer Love Hewitt can find fun and alternative ways to incorporate a work out in her everyday life then so can I!

Time for me to get back to the gym.


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