Review: Benefit’s Fine One One

I was extremely excited when I picked up the new Fine One One by Benefit, and like all of their products this new addition to their growing collection is eye catching in its beautiful rose gold packaging. I swatched this delightful blush/highlighter trio colour combination a few time prior to purchasing it and loved it! My excitement was short lived as I soon became disappointed on how this product translates on my cheeks and lips as well as its staying power.

I feel like the trio doesn’t glide on as nicely on my cheeks as it does on my hand. I have also found that it only stays on my cheeks for a short period of time. If I wear it during the day it has to stay in my bag so that I can reapply it throughout the day when needed. I have also attempted to use this product on my lips but again sadly it was just not my cup of tea. The colour combination washed out my lips, and for a girl who likes her fun and bold lips it was just a huge miss.

Since my disappointing reaction to the Fine One One I have been using it on occasion but only to add a little colour to my cheeks on a lazy day. Hopefully I will come to love this product like I so badly want to in the near future.

Benefit's Fine One One


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