Diary · Radical Self Love Journey

My Radical Self Love Journey – Part 3 Cont.

Keira Knightley

It has taken me longer then expected to compile my 100 things that I love about myself list but it’s finally finished!  Not going to lie, I honestly was starting to wonder if it was possible to complete this list and it most certainly is with the help of some serious reflecting. This project really made me take a close look at myself and allowed me to find and remember all the amazing qualities that I love about myself. If you are feeling down in the dumps I highly recommend trying this. Perhaps start with writing down 50 amazing things about yourself to start out with, as I found 100 was extremely ambitious yet highly rewarding.  Below is a little sample of what I added in my list.

~ My Desire to Continue Learning Everyday~ My Sweet Cupids Bow ~ How I Strut in Heels ~ How I always manage to See The Good in People Even Though it Occasionally Backfires on me ~ Pretty & Girly Writing ~ Conductive Reasoning ~ Amazing Hugger ~ My Amazing Organization Skills ~



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