I’ve got Purple Hair!

Well, really it’s more of a dark eggplant but I prefer saying I have purple hair as I think it sounds more dramatic. I absolutely love my new hair, especially the colour & how it changes in different lighting. If you want to learn about my purple hair journey keep on reading!

Sprinkle of Love: Purple Hair

I will begin by letting you know that I was long overdue for a trim. It had been five months since my last trim, which is a super long time for me as I generally go every eight to ten weeks. My hold up was the fact that I was on the hunt for a new hair stylist; I had been with the same stylist for over three years & was having a hard time moving on.

Like any hair obsessed girl I began gathering referrals from friends. A few of my friends had incredibly amazing hair stylists but they also had a ridiculously long wait list; one had a four-month waiting list! After calling several places & having no luck making an appointment, & the fact that I would make appointments to only get scared half way through to process & backing out. I did this several times & I admit, it was getting slightly ridiculous so I pulled up my big girl pants & made a hair appointment.

I was nervous from the moment I made the appointment until I sat down & began talking to this new stylist. She was absolutely fantastic & able to put me at ease. After discussing what I wanted to do with my hair she had no hesitations & was confident that she could dye my already dark hair a deep shade of purple without bleaching it; something my old stylist said was impossible. Needless to say she was able to accomplish everything that I wanted & I was so incredibly impressed that I have all ready made my second appointment with her!

Hurray for finding an amazing hair stylist!


6 thoughts on “I’ve got Purple Hair!

  1. Hello, I adore your hair and I’ve been wanting to get my purpled up for so long! I know you already said you didn’t know the color, but if you’re still with that stylist, would it be possible for you to ask? I’ve never seen color do that to dark hair without bleaching, and I’ve tried every brand under the sun. ):

    1. Thanks! I’m unfortunately not with that stylist or salon anymore. 😦 I’m 98% sure that the colour was called Aubergine but I’m not sure of what brand it was or what she mixed with it to get the colour so vivid without bleach. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I hope that you are able to find the right shade of purple for yourself.

    1. I unfortunately can’t remember the girls name who did it for me. I had a bad experience with her when I went back after she did my purple colour and haven’t gone back to that salon.

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