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My Radical Self Love Journey – Part 3

HeartsI’m a huge list maker, so the third project in my Radical Self Love Journey was one that I was really excited to do but also one that I was slightly intimidated by. The task was to write down not just 10 or 30 things that I love about myself but a whopping 100!  That’s four pages in my Radical Self Love Bible!

I sat down with a nice warm cup of tea and started compiling my list. The first page came easily & here is a little sample of those first ones.

~ My Healthily Long Hair ~ Personal Bravery ~ Get`er Done Attitude ~ Strong Optimism ~ Personal Style ~ My Killer Long Legs ~ My Ability to Eat a Large Bag of Movie Theater Popcorn, By Myself ~ Fierce Loyalty to My Friends ~ Perseverance ~

After writing two pages it began getting difficult to come up with things that I love about myself. So I’ve taken a break from my list in the hopes that within the coming days I will be able to take notice of different things about myself and acknowledge its awesomeness. Here’s to hoping that I can finish my list by the end of the week!

Photo Credit: Heart Confetti


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