Diary · Radical Self Love Journey

Radical Self Love Journey Part 2


I have written my oath & found a totem so now it’s time for the second step in my journey! Click here to read part one. The second step required me to compile two lists in my radical self love bible.

The first list is of things that I will no longer apologize for. Here are a few of mine. I will not apologize for being loud. I will not apologize for wanting more in life. I will not apologize for eating fast food. I will not apologize for being a dreamer.

Once I completed the first list it was time to move onto the second list where I composed a list of I am statements. Here are a couple of mine. I am loved. I am brave. I am capable of big things in life. I am spontaneous. I am passionate. I am worthy of being loved. I am funny.

Both lists were a lot harder to create then I anticipated. I suppose this is because I’m still a little unsure of myself & looking for guidance when I should be creating my own rules of what’s acceptable to myself. It was however unbelievably freeing to write down the things I loved about myself as they play a big part in who I am.

Each list also gave me the opportunity to really focus on my amazing & silly qualities that I love about myself & lets face it, we occasionally all find ourselves focusing on strictly the negative so it was amazing to have a place that was devoted to solely the positives. I will definitely be rereading my list when I’m feeling low & creating new lists in the future!


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