Diary · Radical Self Love Journey

My Radical Self Love Journey Part 1

HeartsI have begun my Radical Self Love journey & it’s incredible. But before I start going on & on about how excited I am about this journey I will explain what’s involved in the first step in Gala Darlings Radical Self Love.

A few things had to be gathered; a journal that will become my radical self love bible & a totem.

Thomas Sabo Bracelet

Once I picked up a couple of moleskine note pads I completed my first assignment – my pledge. Normally your pledge & entire bible is meant to be private & personal but since I want to share my journey with you, obviously going to tell you. My pledge; be the best possible version of myself & to see all the beauty in every day life. I believe you can’t be the best version of you without enjoying or seeing all the beauty & little sparks in life.

I picked bows as my totem because they simply make me smile every time I see them. I absolutely love bows & have a few already in my jewelry box so I knew I would be able to wear one everyday to remind myself of my pledge. I also went out and bought a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with the most beautiful little silver bow charm to commemorate this decision!

I’ve been wearing my charm bracelet for a few days now & am thrilled on how my journey is starting out!


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