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New Years Resolutions

In the past I’ve made resolutions & let them slip to the sidelines. Well this year I’m taking a stand against this yearly tradition & aim to stick to my 2013 goals. Rather then pick the typical resolutions like loose weight or eat better; I’ve chosen a few that I think will benefit myself in the grand scheme of life.

Carrie Bradshaw Writing

  • Be fearless & create a blog that allows me to express my true self. Now this may seem a little silly to some, but I believe the ability to express oneself is a freeing yet terrifying thing to do. I admired & aspired to one of those people who are able to share their heart & soul with people & have the ability to truly touch people. So here I am, ready to bare it all!
  • Be the best version of myself. How & where does this process start you ask? Well I wasn’t to certain myself. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love movement that I was able to come up with a solid plan of attack. I will be sharing this journey of self-discovery with you, so keep checking back for updates!
  • No Alcohol. Why am I doing this? Well the answer is simple; I hate feeling ill the next day. Now I am very fond of drinking a glass of red wine while I relax so I think I might allow myself one little glass a month. The fine details on this resolution still need to be tuned out a bit. Cheers to cutting back on my alcohol consumption!

I hope you will join me in this new adventure as I chronicle my Radical Self Love journey and share my passions in life; fashion, beauty, photography & love.

Photo Credits: Lipstick Makes Everything Better


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